Gearing Up Gamers

Across Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and even in-person, mediocre merchandise is holding gamers back from reaching the next level. From snagging that legendary loot to popping off in an FPS and everything in between - you should look as good as you feel.

Our vision is to dress up and deck out gamers everywhere with clothing and accessories they'd be proud to wear. Everything here has been designed by passionate gamers for passionate gamers, with the understanding that gaming isn't just something we do for fun - it's a part of who we are.

Dean's an avid gamer from Queensland, Australia, that loves graphic art and design. He's worked as a store manager for Australia's biggest gaming retail franchise in the past and more recently has created some amazing design work for his current job as a games animator.

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Show it off and be proud of who you are and make that merch seen!

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